Activities on the Nile

The Nile leaves Lake Nyanza (Victoria) at Ripon Falls near Jinja, Uganda, as the Victoria Nile.


Exciting, challenging, thrilling and absolutely worth it on the Mighty Nile River!! White Water Rafting on the White Nile is an exciting activity; one does not require prior experience to enjoy the activity. Rafting on the White Nile ranges from grade three to grade five respectively. More experience rafters dare the roughest of rapids. A Full Day Rafting trip starts with pick-up from a designated point Kampala, transfer to Jinja, undergo briefing and get on to the river. A light lunch is served on the river and a barbecue dinner after the rafting. The shuttle returns to Kampala in the evening. 


Kayaking is another exhilarating activity on the White Nile.  The activity is open to both beginners and experienced Kayakers. Experienced kayaking guides kayak right behind kayakers to ensure safety and rescue them in case they flip. Tandem Kayaking (a Kayak designed for two people) is also available for the duos intending to dare rapids.


Set at height of 44 meters above the Nile River Water Level, the Nile High Bungee is one of the most exciting bungee jumping spots on the planet. The bungee operators specialize in tandem jumps, water touches and full-moon jumps. Bungee Jumping is available almost all the time including after dark. Safety is guaranteed due to the equipment employed that matches international standards.


On four wheels but still a bike; quad biking does not require prior experience to enjoy it. Free training and a practice session comes in handy for first-timers. All Terrain Adventures (the company operates Quad Biking Expeditions) employs easy-to-ride Quad bikes. The tracks and trails begin from Bujagali Falls and stretches downstream to villages and farms. The quad-bike tour leads to the inner-core of rural Uganda thus gives a glimpse into indigenous peoples’ lives. Seven to 12 year olds can enjoy the Kids Quad Circuits whereas older people can take River Ride Safari, Explorer ATV Safari, Twilight Safari, Overland Safari and Trailblazers among other quad biking packages


You might have been on horsebacks before but not on the banks of the Mighty Nile River.  Nile Horseback Safaris offers a rare opportunity to explore rural areas on the banks of the River. The activity is open to both debutants (starters) and experienced riders. Rides range from 1 – 3 hrs of exciting adventure through plantations, villages and stretching to as far as a section of Mabari Forest (Uganda’s Largest Natural Forest) with spectacular views of the Nile and its respective stunning rapids!.

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Your senses of anticipation as you hike through dense bamboo forest tracking the critically endangered mountain gorilla. Anticipation to be replaced with a thrilling sense of awe and wonder as you finally set your eyes on these greatest of the apes in their natural habitat.

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