Kampala City Tour

Ka-mpala refers to a hill of antelopes; it’s unimaginable today that Impalas used to grace and grace on Kampala in the olden days!

Once a city of Seven Hills, Kampala has grown to engulf approximately 15 hills today. The city is both the administrative and commercial capital of Uganda. Kampala shares a long shore-line with L. Victoria.

Highlights of the City are the local markets, the National Museum, Bahai House of Worship, Uganda Martyrs Shrine, Kabaka’s Lake, Makerere University, Cathedrals and Mosques, Kabaka’s (King’s) Palace and Parliamentary Building. Others are the National Theatre and the Kasubi Ruins.

Kampala is graduating into a fully-fledged metropolitan city with residents from all over the world. The nightlife with night clubs, cinemas and restaurants that serve authentic exotic and local dishes.

A Day Trip runs from 0900hrs – 1600hrs and covers the star-attractions of the city as mentioned above. The flow of traffic on any given day determines the direction of the trip.

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Your senses of anticipation as you hike through dense bamboo forest tracking the critically endangered mountain gorilla. Anticipation to be replaced with a thrilling sense of awe and wonder as you finally set your eyes on these greatest of the apes in their natural habitat.

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