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In local language “Jinja” refers to stone!! There is no record to narrate the genesis of the name but the general belief points at the stunning stones in the area.

Jinja is situated about 80kms east of Kampala City and it takes approximately 1hr30 minutes to get there depending on the traffic. Once the industrial town of Uganda, Jinja is also known as the “Adventure Capital of Uganda”!


Ssezibwa Falls:

These magnificent falls are situated at the edge of a Mabira forest about 30kms before getting to Jinja Town. There is a fairytale that an expecting lady knelt down to deliver and instead of a baby, a river was born. The Baganda traditionalists believe that some of their gods reside at the falls including a resident African Rock Python. They perform rituals for healing, luck and blessings. A local guide gives detailed information about the falls as tourists take a mild-hike to the summit.

Mabira Forest:

Covering an area of about 300 km², Mabira is Uganda’s largest natural forest and it is located along Kampala-Jinja Road. This forest is a phenomenal player in the biodiversity of the area working as a source for several rivers and streams. With about 300 bird species, the forest is an Important Birding Area (IBA)! These constitute about 30% of the birds in Uganda. Species like Nahan’s Francolin are globally threatened. The forest is also home to primates such as Mangbey species, olive baboons and red-tailed monkeys among other species. An ever-green tropical forest, Mabira has amazing tree species some of which are sources of herbal medicine to indigenous people. A local guide gives rich information about the forest and its respective residents.

Source of the Nile:

Nile is derived from a Greek word “Nelios” which literally means “river valley”! The Nile is credited for one of the greatest civilisations in human history. For centuries this mysterious river fed the great Egyptian civilisation with volumes of water and silt but the source remained unknown.  About 1862, John Speke, a great British Explorer reached the present day Jinja exposed to the rest of the world, the vivid source of the Nile.  Today, tourists get to take a motorized canoe and sail down to “Point Zero”; concrete demarcation that shows where the waters of the Nile leave those of L. Victoria and embark on their approximately 6000kms journey to the Med-Sea in Egypt.

The Jinja strip starts from Kampala at about 0730hrs and ends with a drop-off to your residence before dark.

Distance from Kampala: 80Kms.

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