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The word Entebbe came from Luganda language "entebe" which means 'seat' / 'chair'. Entebbe was the seat of the colonial governor in the early 1900s, when Uganda was a British protectorate. Entebbe is now the location of the office and second residence of the President of Uganda. Entebbe is the seat of power as well as the location for the only International Airport we have in Uganda known as Entebbe International Airport. Entebbe is a Peninsular that offers a grand port of entry into Uganda with spectacular view of Lake Victoria or Lake Nalubaale as known by the indigenous Baganda People!

UWEC – Uganda Wildlife Education Center

Opened in 1952 by the colonial government, the then, Entebbe Zoo served major purposes of a sanctuary and rehabilitation center for the orphaned, sick, injured and those animal species confiscated from animal traffickers. About 08yrs later, the establishment graduated to a fully-fledged zoo thus the name Entebbe Zoo. Due to this, Entebbe Zoo housed non-indigenous animal species like tigers and bears as a way of getting people to visit. In 1994 Entebbe Zoo upgraded from being a mere Zoo to a Conservation and Wildlife Education Centre.

Today, UWEC offers a range of activities to include:

Seeing Wildlife:

Visiting a wide range of wildlife species such as Rhino, Leopard, Lion, Giraffe and Buffalo among other animal species. There are also reptiles like the African Rock Python and Crocodile. Birds include a Shoe Bill Stork and some Parrot Species among others.  There is also education information about plant species and their respective uses to indigenous people.

 Behind the Scenes Tour:

The most exciting activity because visitors get up-close with wildlife!  They get to feed leopard and lions, touch the African White Rhino, feed the Baby Elephant and Giraffes as well as holding the African Rock Python. This activity comes at a cost but offers guests the opportunity to learn and get personal with wildlife!

Fishing in Lake Victoria:

With a surface size of about 68,800km², Lake Victoria is the world’s largest Tropical Lake and the second largest fresh-water lake after Lake Superior in North America! It’s also Africa’s largest inland fishery thus offering guests an opportunity to take fishing excursion.

Tourists are free to either take a half-day or full day fishing activity. We provide fishing boat, fishing equipment, refreshments as well as a skipper/guide throughout the fishing activity. The most sought after fish species are the Tilapia and the Iconic Nile Perch. 

Ape Treks-Demystify Africa Just Imagine

Your senses of anticipation as you hike through dense bamboo forest tracking the critically endangered mountain gorilla. Anticipation to be replaced with a thrilling sense of awe and wonder as you finally set your eyes on these greatest of the apes in their natural habitat.

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